11 October 2023 | Sofia, Bulgaria

Major accents:

Principles of a successful project - from idea to realization.

The green transformation and Real estate: efficiency, sustainability, value, standards

Residential Buildings: the better living environment as an engine - an evolution in comfort, vision and intelligent management of residential buildings. Architectural trends and building solutions for high-end residential products.

Industrial and Logistics Buildings: flexibility and efficiency at the center of the architectual concept. The role of industrial and logistics projects in achieving a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Hotels: design and sustainability for a better user experience. Trends in the new generation of hotel product - why are building solutions directly related to successful operational management?

Offices and Workspaces: achieving a modern and viral ecosystem that motivates the team, stimulates creativity and develops the corporate culture. Workspace design as a key element of impact.

Retail Places & Spaces: creating attractive destinations for socialization, consumption and entertainment. Innovative concepts for the design of physical stores - what attracts consumers?

Products, Innovations and Sustainable Βuilding Τechnologies 2023: Smart technologies, system solutions and innovations for more valuable and sustainable buildings.

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